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2018-3-12  Claims Made for Rock Dust Rock dust is claimed to add all kinds of minerals back to soil. These are the nutrients that plants need to grow. Because of this, rock dust products make all kinds of claims for growing bigger plants, producing higher yields,

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2021-5-2  If the world were to judge soil remineralization based on what could happen, rock dust amendments might already be standard procedure for the world’s farmers. The potential to use rock dust as a carbon storage tactic for climate change mitigation is well known in the scientific community, in addition to its ability to improve agricultural yields and soil health.

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OUR MISSION The brilliant, practical, natural, economic. solution that is rock dust REMINERALIZATION utilizes finely ground rock dust and. sea-based minerals to restore soils and forests, produce. higher yields and more nutritious food, and store carbon. in soils to stabilize the climate.

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Remineralize the Earth (RTE) promotes the use of finely ground rock dust and sea-based minerals to restore soils and forests, produce more nutritious food, and remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. Soil remineralization will lead to a more productive and

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2018-4-3  Yes, rock dust can be diluted with water and applied as a foliar spray. I suggest that you experiment with that. I am also aware from the conference of germinating seeds with rock dust. Are you planting seeds by hand, or mechanically? I would like to suggest that if possible you of the rock dust before planting the seeds when you till the soil.

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2021-2-14  The remineralized sections of the farm, located in Los Banos, California, received about 16 tons of rock dust per acre last year. The rock dust is mostly metabasalt, a variety high in iron, zinc, and potassium that delivers elements necessary for healthy plant growth.

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2012-4-12  We can move from an economics of scarcity to an economics of abundance, as rocks and sea minerals are the most abundant resources on earth. Finely ground rock dust is a byproduct available at low cost all over the world to remineralize soils and forests and stabilize the climate. As a global community, we can transform this vision into reality.

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He began working with John Hamaker in 1978. John’s early writings inspired an understanding of how local and global soil remineralization with natural gravel (mixed rock) dust can enable us to perpetually grow high-quality crops and trees, the natural foundation for regenerating the socio-ecosphere.

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2011-7-9  Remineralize the EarthRemineralize the Earth promotes theregeneration of soils and forests worldwidewith finely ground rock dust as aneconomically and ecologically sustainablealternative to chemical fertilizers andpesticides, creating fertile soils much as

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